Who is Aviva Woolf?

Excellent question, five points to Gryffindor.
 I am a former journalist/current teacher slash job-haver doing stand-up and improv in New York City.
Although there is a special place in my heart (and in hell) for AP style rules and grammar, my true passion is writing about my day, thoughts, ideas, overheard conversations in Starbucks and questions about Law and Order SVU episodes (Why do so many principals know intimate details about every students’ life?? If I had been found lifeless at the bottom of an elevator shaft clutching a diamond ring, my highschool principal would’ve been like “Um…Aviva Woolf? I think she liked to hang out by the vending machines…”).
I currently just moved to Washington Heights, NY. I just started and finished a job at Fox News (it was terrible). I also recently got married (thus the Woolf/Woolf-Manas differences in my articles and rest of site; he turned down my brilliant idea to smush them together to make us the Woolfman Family) to a super great guy who has assured me that he doesn’t mind being written about on a blog.
So far being a grown-up has included a lot of waking up early, learning how checking accounts work, *not* eating chicken nuggets for dinner every night and writing a lot a lot a lot of thank you cards. I think I can handle it though. You might have to keep checking back to make sure.
P.s. If you’re curious about the 1/7 Robot thing in my title, I shall tell you. September 2012 I was hit by a speeding bicycle on campus and snapped my arm and face into pieces. I now have titanium in my right arm and maxilliary bone. NBD, just makes me a super fast and amazing writer!*
*No it doesn’t.


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