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First Day In Comedy School

For those paying attention, today was my first day of improv class at UCB (I go there now, I can shorten it) *dusts off letterman jacket.* In true Aviva first-day fashion, I went to the wrong address first. I went to 590 8th avenue instead of 520. 590 8th avenue is a Chase Bank. For…

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Bye Hannukah!

Happy 8th night of Hannukah! Or if you’re not Jewish, happy Wednesday!     I’m pretty sad to see the holiday go this year. Not just because I got some sweet Hannukah swag (a hat, a scarf, a robe, a winter headband, pajama pants  – for some reason everyone thought I needed to be warmer…

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Thoughts From a Broken Brain

Hello there! It’s kind of snowing outside. I mean, I haven’t actually seen this for myself but there’s about 6 posts on Facebook proclaiming this. And I verified with Weather.com so I feel confident in making this announcement. I hope your Saturday has been sufficiently productive and/or relaxing. I mentioned last week that I’ve been…

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