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After a little trip up to New York for my close friend’s Bridal Shower, I am back in Maryland. This morning when I was getting dressed my sister texted me “How was the shower??” and I thought she was referring to the shower I had just stepped out of and I was like PSYCHIC POWERS.…


A Totally Nonsense Post

I wasn’t planning on writing anything today because nothing particularly exciting happened. But now I’m sitting in a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts because I had planned to come here and watch a movie for my online class and I forgot my headphones! And the movie doesn’t have subtitles. And I already took my laptop out and ordered a…

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Testing, Testing

I still have another 21 days until my official start of summer, two essays due on Monday, assorted debris waiting to be packed up but I’m too excited to do any of that noise! My site looks so rad, it’s like a I’m a real person who knows what they’re doing. I feel like this…

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