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Not A Very Exciting Update

“School’s cancelled – no tours. See you tomorrow!” That’s the text I wake up to this morning and honestly, I’m bummed. This city shuts down when there’s 1 inch of snow. When schools close, they cancel tours and there’s no reason to go into the museum.   This is my second week working at the…

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Sweeping Generalizations.

Fifteen days until the Woolf-Manas’s hit the road and head to Charm City. I’ve been thinking a lot about the last time I lived down there, in the summer of 2012 while interning at the Baltimore Sun. It was awful. I lived in a dirty apartment with zero furniture aside from a bed, a folding…

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Goodbye Facebook!

Hello friends! I am here to tell you that I deleted my Facebook exactly one week ago. Well, not exactly because FB doesn’t let you actually delete your profile for two weeks. They put it in deactivation mode for 14 days and if you don’t log in at all within those two weeks THEN it’s…

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