Not A Very Exciting Update

“School’s cancelled – no tours. See you tomorrow!”

That’s the text I wake up to this morning and honestly, I’m bummed. This city shuts down when there’s 1 inch of snow. When schools close, they cancel tours and there’s no reason to go into the museum.


Other than to see the machines come alive at night that is!

This is my second week working at the Museum of Industry and it is great. As much as I loved working at the Museum of the American Gangster in NY, it’s like comparing a school play to Broadway. There is SO many parts to working there from the kids’ cannery and assembly line, the old timey store fronts and mini theater. If you love pretending its 1883 oh man, this place is for you.

It has quite a cast of characters as well: Jen, the dyed hair woman who always seems to laugh sinisterly whenever I ask a question, Pat, the older gentleman who taken to e-mailing me posts from the educators’ FB group since I mentioned that I don’t have one, the boss who hangs out in the break-room with everyone talking about text-based game apps. I would love to get to know them more if we ever get back to work.

I FINALLY had a chance to go to the Baltimore Improv Group last Thursday. Ari agreed to do a scene with me. He was so nervous. I wasn’t. I probably should have been because I was awful and so rusty. And it was especially embarrassing since I met all these people beforehand and went on and on about my experience in NYC like a dummy. And then I got on stage and was the WORST. Ari got laughs though. He’s so damn naturally talented without any training it makes me so mad. But also proud. Maybe 75/25.

I have to get out of my head more.

I want to start writing more, non-bog related stuff, any ideas?

Seriously Im open to any and all.

Enjoy the snow my babes!



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