The Aviva Show

Hey mamas!

It’s that time again. I’m unemployed again! Preschool ended in June and since then I’ve been studying to become a Certified NYC tour guide. Hopefully I’ll be taking the test next week but until then I’ve been studying, doing improv, standup, writing sketches, hosting trivia, interning at the QED theater in Queens, babysitting and putting off writing this blog. So not as totally unproductive as I figured my “vacation” would be.



My friend Mike (of Pepsi commercial auditioning fame) and I have seriously started performing as a two-person improv team (or as seriously as anyone can commit to playing make believe on a stage). We had one show last month at the People’s Improv Theater in which I produced, hosted and performed in. Hey, if I’m paying the tech 30 dollars and not making any profit from ticket sales you better believe I’m gonna take advantage and turn it into the Aviva Show.


Always work with children and animals.



The show was actually not a failure! I know that sounds self deprecating but I tried to keep my expectations super low – especially since it was the first show I ever produced. I told myself it would be messy and maybe go wrong and that that was OK. That way, when people came late due to Pride parade, our coach was two hours late for rehearsal, the stand-up I booked got stuck in Brooklyn, and the tech cut off the first team early – I was OK with it! I shrugged it off and said hey, live theater. A pretty far cry from when I almost threw up on stage during my UCB 101 show because I wasn’t doing perfectly. Life is live, you have to prepare for things to get fucked up. I mean that in the most optimistic way possible.

Next week I’m producing another show (@ The Pit Loft, 7/19/ 8pm) and I feel I’m more aware of steps to take to make sure the same mistakes aren’t made and that’s the whole point of having a stupid first show and getting it out of the way.

Up up and away!






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