Last Day of Improv 101

Whelp, today was the last day of improv 101 at UCB. Ah, I can hardly remember when just a scant 8 weeks ago I was shaking and nervous on stage in front of strangers. Now I was nervous and shaky in front of people I’ve grown fond of.

Last days are always a mess for me. It’s been like that forever. Last year at my internship at Capital News Service I made everyone take pictures together and lament the fact that we weren’t able to order the matching baseball T’s we had spend an afternoon designing on

I could be leaving a place that I wouldn’t give a half a shit if all the people I worked with were mauled by ravenous raccoons and still be like “Does anyone want to sign the autograph book I just made for all of us…?” It’s rough when everyone else is like “Uh sure, what’s your name again?”

Improv 101 felt different from the end of internships or summer jobs though. I feel like I really, I don’t know, ~*transformed*~ in the past 8 weeks. I feel as if I found something in me – a spark – that might affect where my life is going right now. I feel like I could look back at these two months in some autobiography I write later on and cringe about how inexperienced I was. Or maybe they’ll talk about it my eulogy when I get hit by a bus I wasn’t paying attention to while texting and crossing 5th avenue. Anything could happen! Life is great!

Today we ran practices for our show on Sunday (153rd East 3rd street NY @5:30 pm on Sunday if ya know, you’re in the neighborhood) and after, everyone was packing up when I said, “Would it be weird if we had a big group hug?” “Hahaha,” they all laughed. “I’m not joking,” I whispered to myself. Standard good-bye fare.

I was wistfully watching my teacher as he said good-bye to people at the end. He glanced at me. “Are you going to cry…?” he asked. “Can I have a hug?” I sniffed.

I wonder if these little scenes have firmly cemented me as an emotionally unstable student that they’re going to have to flag with security.

But it’s not fully over until the show’s over. So look for me. I’ll be the one sniffling in the back and forcing my hugs onto unwilling people and asking where the after- and after-after-party is.

Tonight, in my quest to expand my comedy network I am going to the Awooga Comedy Hour at the Pit that is run by my friend Tovah. I am going alone because it starts at 9:30 pm and Ari goes to sleep at 6:30 pm (not really but 10 pm IS BASICALLY 6 PM IN MY BOOK) and I forgot to ask anyone else to come. So I will be going alone and trying to meet people like a not-at-all-weird-and-alone-lady. It’ll be great. As Amy Poehler says, “Great people do things before they’re ready.” And I must be a super great person because I am never ready for anything.


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