Bye for Now

Hey y’all,

I hope you had a nice relaxing Rosh Hashana also known as normal Thurs/Fri to non-Jews. 

Sad news. I’m just going to give it  to you straight.

While I’ve had fun writing and hearing from you guys, these 19 credits this semester, and an internship and planning a W (while also fitting in time to watch The Ellen Show and eat Oreos) is going to be killer. And I can’t have the added stress of feeling bad about not updating my blog. 

I will still however, be a real person in real life so if you ever want to know what’s up you can always find me on Facebook or e-mail me at (and you can also tell me what’s up with you too obviously)

Hopefully I’ll be back when things settle down. (Aka when I’m unemployed in December)




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