Last Day (Last Week)

Good morning campers, I hope you all had a nice shark week.

If you didn’t watch, here’s all the facts you need to know. You’re welcome.

Wednesday was my last day of my summer internship. I was literally counting down the seconds until 5 p.m. when I could leave. I had my evaluation by my supervisor and even though I got a 90 on it, I got a bulk of my points off because of the whole John-Waters-Might-Be-Dead Fiasco. Rude, it’s not like I said Woody Allen. Calm down Baltimore.

Saying good-bye was kind of awkward because even though some parts of the internship were valuable and people were genuinely nice to me, I’m almost 100% positive that if I have to work in a cubicle in an office 5 days a week I will probably kill myself in some DaVinci Code way to give them interesting news (a perfect gift to leave your editors in MY opinion). I wish them all the luck in the world. Saying goodbye was tricky, everyone pouting and saying “Oh you’re leeeaavvinngg? Okay well it was soooooo nice having you here. Good luck Okaayyyyyyy?” and I tilt my head and say “It was reeeallly nice working here, Thank you guys for eveerryttthiinngg.”

And then I literally ran to my car. (Or I would have if my supervisor hadn’t called me on my cell phone 4 minutes later to tell me I had to give in my work ID. Even though my work ID is what lets me out of the building. And into the garage. And out of the garage. I had to wait 15 min for the guard to figure out how to process this, how could I have been the ONLY one to ever encounter this problem?? “Well, usually the supervisors escort you to the car on the last day.” Oh.


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