Trials and Tribulations

What if I just never continued this blog and everyone just thought I was homeless forever and like, got hit by a train or something? (the logical conclusion I always come to when I never see people again.)  But yes, since we last spoke, I was offered a place to stay by my lovely friend Danielle so currently I am staying at her abode until my internship ends.

Well, not currently. Currently, I am on a computer at McKeldin library at University of Maryland. I swung by to drop off some stuff at my new apartment on Knox (tiny apartments in square buildings called “Knox Boxes” or more appropriately “Hot Knox Boxes”) and decided to do some work in the library.

Walking around campus during the summer is the oddest thing. It’s like 90% empty. During the year it’s like Time Square on New Years Eve but during the summer it’s like Ghost Town USA. Coming back to campus is weird as well since I only have one semester left and nostalgia is already kicking in. 

When you walk around campus, you’re not really looking at the buildings and benches you see. You’re thinking “This is the building I took nutrition freshman year and failed because I got drunk the night before the final and slept through it” or “This is where I had that deep heart2heart with my roommate about her dad junior year” or “This is where a bike ran me down and now I’m a cyborg.” You are literally walking through a maze of memories and no matter how many times I try to pretend like I’m seeing something for the first time, I can’t get away from those powerful images. But oddly enough, I wouldn’t recall most of these memories on my own without being promoted by the sight of say, the fountain on the mall in which I have spent many a night happily splashing in (Until more than one person pointed out what exactly goes on in those waters sometimes. Gross you guys. Please stop.) 

Also walking around campus I’ve noticed that they’ve cleaned up the old journalism building and actually put a new name on it. I assume they were looking for something really easy to pronounce, maybe giving a break to the poor poor freshman who pronounce Taliaferro and Worcester every which way. (I even got someone looking for MACK-el-din once.) 


No? Something insanely annoying? Ok then. 

Anyways, I realize that I haven’t written about work in a while. And that’s because it’s been awful. It’s so immensely boring I take about 45 bathroom breaks a day because the 1 min walk to the restroom is 500 times more interesting than whatever I’m doing.  Which is summarizing events and putting them into a database. You definitely need a journalism major for it. Not EVERYONE can write “Fall Arts Guide” 205 times AND ALSO SPELL IT RIGHT. So stay in school kids.

I did have a minor snag last week. The newspaper I’m with made some sort of interactive choose-your-own-adventure article in which John Waters (famous Baltimore director) has been kidnapped and you have to make your way through Baltimore landmarks in order to find him (spoiler alert, John Travolta did it. Something about how doing drag ruined his career. NBD) I had to Tweet about it and in order to drum up some excitement I stated “Breaking News: John Waters has been kidnapped. Only you can save him {link here}” 

Now OBVIOUSLY I knew it was a little sensationalism but when the most exciting part of your day is making sure the photo-galleries you made for the site are still there, sometimes you need a little thrill. However, I also assumed that people would know it was a joke since why would our readers even be able  to participate in a search-and-rescue in the event that John Waters was actually kidnapped? It didn’t matter, my editor still took me into the “disappointment zone” near the stairs and told me she had to delete it since the Tweet had been picked up and people were ReTweeting it without the link. I hadn’t meant to create a War of the World type sitch but I have since learned my lessons. Don’t ever joke on someone else’s Twitter. Or that people actually care about John Waters safety. Or something.

Tomorrow is my last day. I had a conference with my internship supervisor last week about what I had thought of the experience. I told her that I thought the experience had been valuable in the sense that I know for a 100% fact that I can’t sit in a giant office all day stressing about the radius around me in which I can say “bless you” when someone sneeze (FYI 2 cubicles over is definitely out-of-bounds). I don’t think I can be a stay-in-bed-blogger (because I like money) either. So I had four years to think about it and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. 

At least I still have one more semester. 




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