Month: June 2013

Training for TMZ

Hewwo fwends, Today I had to finish up an article about celebrity gossip with is the living worst (of this enriching prestigious unpaid internship for which I am very fortunate) because I freaking hate celebrities. I mean, sometimes celebrities are cool when they do interesting things like punch police horses while high on cocaine or  wear dresses made out…

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A Rushed Post

So yesterday was pretty exciting. Which was why I was too tired to blog last night. Which doesn’t make any sense because instead of writing about the interesting things that happen, I blog about my trips to Starbucks. But yesterday was legit. First, let me say that I’ve been spending a LOT of time in…

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After a little trip up to New York for my close friend’s Bridal Shower, I am back in Maryland. This morning when I was getting dressed my sister texted me “How was the shower??” and I thought she was referring to the shower I had just stepped out of and I was like PSYCHIC POWERS.…