Testing, Testing

I still have another 21 days until my official start of summer, two essays due on Monday, assorted debris waiting to be packed up but I’m too excited to do any of that noise! My site looks so rad, it’s like a I’m a real person who knows what they’re doing. I feel like this site screams “ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS SPRING’S NEW FLORAL BLAZERS!” But I spent 97 hours on WordPress finding a good layout so we’re just gonna get through it together.

Today was the last official day of school. I’m not someone who really loves being in a classroom or being a student but I am terrible with endings. I just get all weirdly nostalgic for these half-strangers I sat next to for three months. I get misty eyed and look around the room like we’re a senior basketball team at the end of a Disney movie. “Oh, boy-who-hit-his-keyboard-keys-WAY-too-hard-and-loudly, I will miss you.” “Girl-who-told-that-story-3-times-about-her-friend-who-was-straight-but-then-went-to-an-all-girls-school-and-is-now-a-lesbian, seriously how did you not remember that you told us that story three times in this class? What’s wrong with you?” “Dude-who-flattened-out-his-granola-bars-before-he-ate-them, you keep doing you, special snowflake.” Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I go to school with weird people. Also, I just want to hug my teachers but I know that is kind of frowned upon (Oh, except one overly affectionate teacher who opened his arms wide to a girl who was leaving, saw her face, dropped his arms and was like ‘Ha. i’m just kidding!”) also, I don’t *really* want to hug them. I just want to be in 8th grade and have a last day party with Entenmann’s doughnuts and signing books.

And no essays.


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